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Successful recruitments are vital to the success of an organisation. An executive search is the most reliable and efficient way of finding a suitable person for a senior managerial position.

We study our client’s organization, culture, strategy and objectives with a view to determining the kind of expertise required to take the business forward and what kind of person would be the optimal fit for the culture of the organization.

A correctly focused review of candidates is the cornerstone of a successful executive search. Our in-house research unit is the core of our executive search assignments and a crucial guarantee of quality. The candidates that we approach have confidence in our ability to offer them opportunities for career advancement that match their aims and abilities.

In-depth interviews concerning previous work, a detailed assessment of skills and experience, a work personality evaluation, competence assessment and checking of references are all a natural part of the IMS Talent implementation process. Our evaluation methods are internationally recognized and all of our consultants are certified and experienced in applying these methods.

Our executive search process comprises the following stages:

  • Determining the candidate profile and preparing the research strategy
  • The research stage and contacting of candidates
  • Interviewing, testing and evaluation of candidates
  • Presenting the shortlist
  • Interviews by the client
  • Checking references
  • Selecting the appointee

All of our consultants have over 10 year experience in business management and as a member of a management team in both Finnish and international businesses. Our research team has experience of hundreds of assignments in executive searches for senior management.

To cut a long story short: we know the Finnish market, we understand businesses and we recognize leadership potential.

Download: five questions before commencing an executive search assignment.pdf.

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