Board Services

A good Board of Directors sets a business up for success. We help our clients to build and develop capable and effective Boards of Directors through non-executive director searches as well as board evaluation and development measures.

Non-Executive Director Search

We offer our clients international market knowledge and process enabling the building of a competent and diverse Board of Directors which corresponds to the strategic needs of the company.

A Non-Executive Director Searchincludes the following stages:

  1. Listening and understanding
  2. Determining the candidate profile and preparing the research strategy
  3. The research stage
  4. Presenting the long-list
  5. Contacting the candidates
  6. Interviewing and evaluating the candidates
  7. Presenting the short-list
  8. Interviews by the client
  9. Checking references
  10. The proposal of the choice

Board Evaluation

A professional evaluation process of the Board of Directors can enhance the Board's strategic efficiency. The goal is a capable and efficient Board of Directors that is forward-looking and generates added value for the organisation.

The evaluation process of a Board of Directors generally includes the following stages:


Interviews with the Chair, members, CEO and often the selected members of the management. The interview findings help us to tailor the evaluation questionnaire to the specific circumstances of the company.


A tailored online questionnaire to the entire Board and the CEO. Usually we also evaluate the individual Board members (Peer review) and the CEO by dedicated questionnaires.


Analyzing, interpreting and writing the results.


Reporting the observations and recommendations to the Board and the representatives of the owners.

CEO Evaluation (in connection with the Board Evaluation)

Usually we assess also the CEO in connection with the Board Evaluation. The purpose of the CEO evaluation is to assess the CEO's performance and co-operation with the Board.

Our reporting will show the results of the CEO’s self assessment and the assessment of the CEO by the Board. Based on the interviews and a web-based questionnaire we will outline the strengths of the CEO and the observations for further discussion.

The result of the CEO assessment will offer feedback to the CEO and give content to Chair's and CEO’s annual development discussion.

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