Executive Team services

A good executive team knows its role and responsibilities and focuses on its priorities.

Executive Team must have a comprehensive overview of the business, a good grasp of its own role, well-functioning dynamics and a clear common goal. It should have diversity, with each member complementing the others so that the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

No two Executive Teams are the same, and the best teams are customized to ensure effective implementation of the strategy of a specific organisation. Our approach enables to evaluate and enhance Executive Teams' performance to meet the needs of success-oriented organisations.

The assessment process typically includes the following stages:


Understanding the need and setting the targets together with the Board and/or the CEO.


Carrying out the agreed interviews and tailoring the possible questionnaires.


An online questionnaire answered by the entire Executive Team. The process may also include individual peer review assessment of the Executive Team members. The managers reporting to the Executive Team can also be included in the process.


Observations, analysis and recommendations. The reporting will be presented on a team and individual level.

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Leadership is not only aboutefficiency or power, but also about fit.

Perfect-fit leaders are the main ingredient for successful company culture.

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